Inclusive Excellence


At the center of a diverse community with more than 57,000+ students and thousands of faculty and staff members, Student Affairs is committed to fostering a climate of respect, tolerance, and free exchange of ideas.

We strive to create an atmosphere and institutional culture that is welcoming to all individuals, inclusive of their race, ethnicity, religion, spirituality, gender, gender identity/expression, age, sexual orientation, ability/disability, socioeconomic class, and national origin. Therefore, Student Affairs commits to the following:

We will create a welcoming environment.

  • Enhance, develop, and maintain structures and services committed to diversity.
  • Build cross-cultural relationships that bridge traditional campus boundaries.
  • Respect spaces that allow for the support and development of specific identities and communities.
  • Solicit feedback frequently and respond to the various needs of students and other stakeholders.

We will contribute to the cultural education of students.

  • Encourage students to examine their responsibilities in a multicultural society.
  • Engage students in experiences that educate them about the value of their history and perspectives while inviting them to learn more about the histories and perspectives of others.
  • Provide services that offer students opportunities to build relationships that cross cultural boundaries.

We will recognize and develop staff's cultural understanding.

  • Engage in self-reflection to foster a deeper understanding of the experiences and perspectives of others.
  • Challenge each other to engage in meaningful dialogue with colleagues and students to create a campus climate of respect and fairness.
  • Provide and participate in regular professional development to enhance our abilities to serve a diverse student body and campus community.

Additional Programs

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