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Statement in Response to Suburban Express Ad

December 3, 2017

To Members of the Campus and Community:

Suburban Express, a privately operated bus company with a long history of taking advantage of students, staff and faculty here at Illinois, recently distributed an advertising message that once again demonstrated the company’s disregard and disdain towards the values of inclusivity that define our university.

The message specifically insulted members of our Chinese, Asian and Asian American communities who are a vital and valued part of every aspect of both the University of Illinois and our local cities. These types of racist and bigoted statements attacking any members of our community deserve nothing but condemnation from all of us.

The university has no business relationship with this company. Their vehicles are not permitted to pick up or drop off passengers on university property.

We cannot prevent a private company from operating in our community. But we can, loudly and unambiguously, say that the opinions expressed by Suburban Express are offensive, bigoted, insulting and in direct opposition to the values of this university. And we would encourage any potential future customers of this transport company to carefully investigate its record and customer concerns before using its services.

Danita M. Brown Young
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Martin McFarlane
Director, International Student and Scholar Services

Reitumetse Obakeng Mabokela
Vice Provost for International Affairs and Global Strategies