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Statement in Response to Online Racist Attacks

April 8, 2016

This week we have seen an anonymous Facebook post titled “Humans Against Homicidal Apes Illinois” aiming indefensible and inexcusable racist insults at members of our campus community.

While freedom of speech and expression is a foundational principle of this university, we believe that this post is reprehensible. And it is a supreme act of cowardice that the post creator is not even willing to put their real name to these hateful ideas. It most certainly goes beyond speech that we can defend, and we strongly condemn its message and language.

While the offending post has been removed by those who put it up, we continue to investigate the incident. If we can identify those responsible, and if they are members of the campus community, we will take any and all appropriate actions as allowed by the Student Code and University Statutes.

We are committed to building a culture of respect here at Illinois.

It is disappointing, frustrating and maddening that there are those in our society who seem intent on trying to divide us. As a campus community, we are better than this.

C. Renée Romano
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs