Additional Campus Resources

Additional Campus Resources

Professional Development Funding

Academic Professional Development Fund (Office of the Provost)

The Academic Professional Development Fund (APDF) provides a source of funds for academic professional staff members (permanent/non-visiting) to take advantage of professional development opportunities.

Awards may be used for conference registration fees, airfare, mileage, and more. Up to $500, unless there are unusual circumstances. Find out more on the Office of the Provost webpage.

Student Life, Culture, and Societal Issues

University Housing Professional Development Page

Kognito At-Risk Suicide Prevention Training

Through a partnership with the Counseling Center, the Kognito At-Risk Suicide Prevention Training is an interactive online training simulation that will help you to better identify, support, and connect distressed students with campus services. The training takes just 30-40 minutes to complete. There are also specific modules for reaching out to students who are military veterans and those who identify as transgender. Learn more about how to enroll.

Lunch On Us

Join OIIR every weekday for lunch at one of our 7 cultural and resource centers, and learn something new during our noontime discussions. Featuring speakers, panels, and resources at the University of Illinois, all lunches introduce you to the cultures, histories, and societal issues that the diverse communities of our campus face. Lunch is free for all students, staff, and faculty at the University of Illinois.

Programs take place from noon to 1 pm. Lunches are paid for in part by the Student Cultural Programming Fee. See the current Lunch on Us schedule.

Wellness Programs

University of Illinois Wellness Center

For more information or to register contact the UI Wellness Center at (217) 265-9355 or e-mail:

Division of Public Safety

Rape Aggression Defense System (R.A.D.) Training

The Rape Aggression Defense System is a program of realistic, self-defense tactics and techniques for women and men. The R.A.D. System is a comprehensive course that begins with awareness, prevention, risk reduction and avoidance, while progressing on to basic hands-on defense training.

If you have question regarding the R.A.D. courses please contact: Det. Rebecca Lauher.

Computer and Tech Training

FAST3 Training Services

FAST3 Training provides software training on a variety of the most popular applications utilized by students, faculty and staff of the University.  Software skill assessment provides customers with an understanding of what software skills need improvement and or hands-on training sessions provide the means to resolve any deficiencies. Learn more about FAST3 Training.

Human Resources

Center for Training and Professional Development (Human Resources)

Trainings for Academic Professionals
Human Resources Series for Supervisors and Managers (HR Series)
HR Series Completion Certificate (attend 8 core curriculum and 4 elective seminars total)

The Complete Supervisor

Training for Administrative (Office Support) Professionals
University of Illinois Administrative Professionals Academy (APA)