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The Illinois Experience Fund

Eye-opening.  Inspiring.  Transformative.

If you have an idea for a shared experience or program with the power to bring students together and change their lives, the Illinois Experience Fund can help you make it happen!

With the generous support of John Graf (’81) and other donors, Illinois Experience Fund mini-grants are still available for programs that celebrate the Illinois Experience through:

  • inclusion
  • service
  • civic engagement
  • school spirit
  • relationship-building
  • leadership

Funded programs will establish connections among students, help them find their niche within the larger University community, and promote the University’s core values.

Illinois Experience Fund grants totaling up to $6,000 will be available for this academic year.  Student Affairs units and student organizations may be considered for funding. Proposals from RSOs must be co-sponsored by a Student Affairs unit. 

Find out more and apply today!

The supplemental application deadline is Wednesday, February 1, 2017 (these are for activities taking place Spring '17, Fall '17, Spring '18)