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Student Affairs Technology

Providing technology leadership and support to Student Affairs at Illinois

Student Affairs Technology (SATech) serves as the technology department for Student Affairs units to provide better efficiency, broader support, and operational resiliency, as well as create a richer employment environment for the Student Affairs Technology staff.

Team members come from diverse backgrounds and help create and nurture communities that transform learning experiences and foster successes of students, faculty, and staff.

Leadership team:

James Quisenberry, Director, Student Affairs Technology




(left to right) Melvin Fenner, Senior Assistant Director, Medical Systems and Computing (McKinley Health Center Liaison);  John Billerman, Senior Assistant Director, Customer Services (Illini Union Liaison); Stephen Tondini, Assistant Director, Server and Desktop Infrastructure (Campus Parking Liaison);  Andrei (Andy) Wilke, Assistant Director, Information Technology Operations (Campus Recreation Liaison);  Jessica Bengtson, Administrative Aide; Kathryn Courtney, Associate Director, System Development and Support (University Housing Liaison); James Quisenberry, Director. Not pictured: Aaron Frei, IT Operations Manager (Counseling Center Liaison), and Mark Hege, Senior Assistant Director for Student Services.



Where to find us:

324 Clark Hall, MC-548
1203 South Fourth Street
Champaign, IL 61820
(217) 244-1100