Student Affairs TeamUp! MarCom Committee

Mission Statement

The Student Affairs TeamUp! MarCom Committee serves as an advisory body to the Director of Marketing and Communications and Chief Communications Officer (CCO). Its members work to promote the awareness of Student Affairs and its units among the various audiences within its academic community and to gain greater recognition for Student Affairs’ services, initiatives, and innovations with a broader external audience. The Committee develops expertise and ideas to assist the various components of Student Affairs in marketing products and services and connects with division staff doing communications work throughout Student Affairs to determine appropriate and relevant messages and materials.

Committee Charge

  • Undertakes activities that will establish a clear and positive image of Student Affairs and its units in the university community and beyond.
  • Undertakes activities that increase awareness in the university community of the scope of Student Affairs’ products and services.
  • Builds an internal marketing culture within Student Affairs.
  • Provides advice and contributes to the planning, development, and production of promotional products, events, and activities for Student Affairs with other Student Affairs units and departments on an ongoing basis, including working with campus Public Affairs.
  • Identify and develop the broad messages and themes to use in marketing to various constituencies of Student Affairs, including current and prospective donors.
  • Provides a framework to ensure consistency in Student Affairs’ communications concerning public relations and marketing.
  • Performs a regular evaluation of Student Affairs’ image and public perception.

Strategic Plan Alignment

  • Increase Reach
  • Build Brand


The Committee Chair shall be appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and members shall be appointed by division department heads.

  • 13 staff members
    • Student Affairs Director of Marketing and Communications and Chief Communications Officer (CCO)
    • Illini Union Marketing Director
    • Counseling Center Media Communications Coordinator
    • Inclusion & Intercultural Relations Assistant Director
    • Office of the Dean of Students Media Communications Coordinator
    • University Housing Senior Assistant Director for Communications and Marketing
    • Campus Recreation Marketing Coordinator
    • The Career Center Assistant Director
    • McKinley Health Center Health Education and Marketing Specialist

Time Commitment

Meetings to be held monthly, as needed, by teleconference or face-to-face, for a total of approximately 12 meetings per year. Additional meetings may be held as needed. Committee members will also be asked to respond to email communications on a regular or as‐needed basis to provide input on emerging concepts or strategies. Committee members may also volunteer for work groups that might require additional teleconferences and/or email communications.

Term Limit


Chair Contact

Chantelle Thompson


Student Affairs