FOCUS Committee

The Purpose of Student Affairs FOCUS Committee is to advise the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs of issues affecting attitudes of non-academic staff. These issues can include, but are not limited to recruiting, hiring, job placement and orientation, job satisfaction, advancement opportunities, discipline, and job termination.

FOCUS aims to promote growth and satisfaction of all staff members regarding personal and job enrichment, using University and community resources—educational programs, training sessions, individualized coursework, and leisure.


The Committee began in Spring of 1981, and at that time was called the Student Affairs Nonacademic Staff Development Committee. It represents all nonacademic staff members within Student Affairs. In the Spring of 1984, the committee changed its name to FOCUS, and selected a logo to enhance the committee’s visibility.

FOCUS representatives are appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs based on recommendations from Student Affairs Department Heads.

Programs and Activities

FOCUS has arranged programs, which are aimed at enriching the work experiences of the staff of Student Affairs. The content of these programs has revolved around educational, informational, social and recreational themes. FOCUS events are Student Affairs sponsored; therefore, time is allowed. Vacation use is not needed, but attendance must be prearranged with and preapproved by the employee’s supervisor. Committee meetings are held on the last Friday of each month. Employees should contact their FOCUS representative with any suggestions, comments or concerns.

The recognition includes a scholarship and will be applied directly to the student's financial aid package. Seniors will receive the scholarship applied to their financial aid package spring semester; sophomores and juniors will receive per semester stipend for the upcoming academic year.

Chair Contact

Lowa Mwilambwe