Education Sustainability Working Advisory Team

Mission Statement / Committee Charge

The Education SWATeam (iCAP team) works to advance and achieve the University of Illinois Climate Action Plan (iCAP) goals. The team seeks to complement the disciplinary educational experience of undergraduate and graduate students with opportunities for interdisciplinary learning, research, and independent study about sustainability, energy, and the environment. The goal is for all students to have both an understanding of sustainability best practices and a knowledge base of global issues and challenges. The members of this committee recommend sustainable actions and concrete steps that should be taken to meet and support iCAP goals and report annually on progress made toward Illinois Climate Action Plan objectives. The Education team focuses on, for example:

  1. curricular education (new and/or improved courses in sustainability, minors, certificates)
  2. getting instructors to incorporate a sustainability segment into courses, perhaps as a lecture or as a student project
  3. general campus education (non-curricular, e.g. presence at events)


  • 4 faculty members
  • 4 staff
  • 4 students

Time Commitment

  • 1 hour meeting 1 or 2x/month
  • Research in preparation and follow-up for meetings

Term Limit

1 year

Chair Contacts

Faculty chair

Student clerk


Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment (iSEE)