Campus Recreation Advisory Committee

Mission Statement

The main responsibility of the Campus Recreation Advisory Committee is to act as a vehicle for the expression of opinions and desires of students, faculty, and staff with regard to the competitive and leisure time recreation programs on this campus.

Committee Charge

  • Advise the Director of Campus Recreation on the use of all recreational facilities, including the formulation of policy guidelines relative to the use of recreational facilities;
  • Advise the Director on programs and policies for recreational usage;
  • Review and make recommendations concerning the Campus Recreation budget;
  • Advise the Director on the development of an effective system of accountability by which the services and programs of Campus Recreation are monitored and evaluated.


  • Student members
  • Faculty/staff representatives
  • Campus Recreation department advisors

Time Commitment

3 meetings per semester (September-November and February-April) for at least one hour

Term Limit

Faculty/staff representatives serve for 3 years consecutively on rotating basis

Chair Contact

Marcus Jackson


Student Affairs/Campus Recreation