Campus Student Election Commission (CSEC)

The Campus Student Election Commission has the responsibility and authority for administering the following elections: Student Senators; Student Organization Resource Fee (SORF) Board; and Student Trustee.

The Campus Student Election Commission (CSEC) is an independent body composed of graduate and professional students. The CSEC supports the Campus Senate, SORF Board and the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs through administration of the annual student elections and the campus-wide student referendum each semester. Student membership is by application. The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs appoints two staff members to serve as advisors.

How to Join

The application process is administered by the CSEC and not through the Campus Committee interview process administered by the Illinois Student Senate.
To apply, go to:
Applications are considered on a rolling basis until the membership is filled.
Once a member, students do not need to reapply each year.


2 staff members
Student membership* is limited to no less than nine (9) and no more than thirteen (13) UIUC students
*Student members must have earned a bachelor degree and be current UIUC students pursuing a post-bachelors degree (enrolled in a graduate or professional degree program).

Time Commitment 

The majority of the Committee’s work is in the Spring Semester from mid-January to mid-March. All members of the Committee must be available to assist with the elections.

Additional Information

Check out the CSEC’s website at or e-mail