Outstanding Staff and Program Awards Committee

Mission Statement

The goal of the Outstanding Staff and Program Award is to honor exceptional staff members and program each year that made significant contribution to Student Affairs and demonstrated commitment to the University’s mission and core values. The awards include Outstanding New Staff, Outstanding Civil Service Staff, and Outstanding Academic Professional staff. These awards are made possible by gifts from friends and alumni to the Vice Chancellor’s unrestricted gift fund.

Committee Charge

The committee is charged with promoting and reviewing award nominations and making recommendation to the Vice Chancellor of proposed awardees. The committee will also work with Student Affairs Human Resources Office to coordinate the award ceremony to recognize award winners.


  • Assistant Director of HR in Student Affairs Human Resources Office, Chair
  • Committee members are comprised of one representative from each major unit in Student Affairs.

Time Commitment

The Committee will meet three or four times, may meet more if deemed necessary, to promote and select award winners in spring each year. This usually happens in February and March. The committee will also assist in coordinating the final award ceremony, typically happens in May on Reading day, and attending the event. This mostly involves a meeting providing advice to HR Office about the event.

Term Limit

Serving on a 3-year term. Priority to serve on the committee will be given to the individual who won the award previously.

Chair Contact

Sonya Holley


Student Affairs