Organization Fund Advisory Board (OFAB)

Administered by the Illini Union, the main function of the Organization Fund Advisory Board is to provide input and recommendations on the organization fund monies and process. A part of this is to recommend expenditures from the fund that would benefit student organizations. Proposals can use up to half of the interest generated by organizations in the Organization Fund (usually about $18,000 - $25,000 per year) as a source of funds for things which are “universally needed” by organizations. Members also may provide feedback on the operations of the Organization Fund processes.


5 students selected from nominations submitted by the Organization Fund voting membership 
2 faculty/staff members
2 ex officio members (Comptroller or designee & the VCSA or designee)

Membership in OFAB is restricted to treasurers of Registered Organizations. The OFAB Executive Board is elected by the membership of OFAB. The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs appoints two staff members to serve on OFAB.

Time Commitment

OFAB members are required to attend the meetings leading up the annual vote in the fall semester. Student members should budget additional time to prepare and/or review funding proposals for the annual OFAB meeting. A few additional meetings may also be necessary.

Term Limit

Faculty and Staff committee members will serve for a maximum of three consecutive years. Student committee members will be appointed for one academic year, and will have to go through the committee selection process thereafter to serve on the committee again