Committee on the Use of Facilities

The committee works to develop policies and rules of practice regarding the use of University facilities.  

Pursuant to this function it shall make recommendations to the Conference on Conduct Governance and the Chancellor concerning the need for alterations in the provisions of the regulations.  Reviews appeals and the adjudication of conflicts arising from the application of the use of University premises and facilities. All members of the committee are eligible to vote.  The Committee is chaired by the Provost or his/her designee from the administrative staff of that office. 


2 students (undergrad, grad or professional)
2 faculty members
1 staff member from the Office of the Provost
1 staff member from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Time Commitment

The Committee meets on as as-needed basis.

Term Limit

Student committee members will be appointed to a one-year term, and will have to reapply through the ISS committee selection process thereafter to serve a second year.