The Career Center Advisory Committee

The Committee participates in the on-going review and evaluation of the programs, services, and resources of The Career Center. The Committee provides recommendations on how to better serve students in career planning and professional preparation, including preparation for graduate and professional school. The Committee advises on new initiatives and proposes innovative ideas for improvement in programs and services.


10 student members
7 faculty/staff members

5 ex-officio members - Director, Three Associate Directors, & Office Support Staff of The Career Center (additional Career Center professional staff may attend at times)

Time Commitment

The Committee meets 2-3 times per semester for 1 hour. Appointed members are expected to make time available for meetings and occasional special activities or assignments.

Term Limit

Faculty and Staff committee members serve for a maximum of three consecutive years. Student committee members are appointed for one academic year, and will go through the committee selection process to serve on the committee again.