Campus Committee on Financial Aid for Students


This committee provides advice and counsel on critical issues and general operation policies related to student financial aid. In addition, the committee strives to provide the campus with a better understanding of the problems and inherent complexities of the issues involved in administering a diverse financial aid program.


8 student members
4 faculty/staff members
5 ex officio members (Director of the Office of Student Financial Aid; Student Affairs Development Officer; three other ex officio members)

Currently the three members are the Assistant Vice President for Business Affairs, the Assistant Dean of the Graduate College, and a Trust Relations Office of the University Foundation; however, it is not mandatory that the three be from these particular offices.

Time Commitment

The committee meets 2-3 times per semester for approximately 1 1/2 hours on each occasion. Special meetings may be held during the summer months (these are infrequent -- only two such meetings in the last eight years). There is very limited external time commitment when committee members are asked to review materials prior to a meeting.