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Student Affairs Assessment Committee

The Student Affairs Assessment Committee is responsible for building a capacity for assessment and developing a culture of evidence across Student Affairs through:

  • thoughtful assessment initiatives
  • informative professional development and training related to assessment
  • recognition events for assessment practice
  • timely information dissemination of assessment results
  • recommendations to the vice chancellor

Core Functions

  • Advising
  • Consulting 
  • Training
  • Monitoring 


  • Beth Hoag, Illinois Leadership Center, Chair
  • Julia Panke Makela, Career Center
  • Raquel Mendizabal Martell, Counseling Center
  • Belinda De La Rosa, Office of the Dean of Students
  • Rony Die, Office for Student Conflict Resolution
  • Alana Harris, Campus Recreation
  • Regina Harrington, McKinley Health Center
  • Andrew Hohn, Fraternity/Sorority Affairs
  • Lisa Jackson, New Student Programs
  • Hsin-I Yi (Sandy) Kao, Illini Union
  • Nathan Sanden, University Housing
  • Nathan Stephens, Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Relations
  • David Williams, State Farm Center
  • Ryan Young, Office of Minority Student Affairs
  • Titus Young, Illini Union (at-large member)
  • Andrew Bender, Career Center (at-large member)
  • Anna Tsai, Office of the Vice Chancellor (appointing administrator)