Facilitation and Advocate Training Opportunities

Share Your Talents

Several Student Affairs departments offer opportunities to co-facilitate classes, dialogues and workshops. For example, the Illinois Leadership Center is always looking for volunteer facilitators, leadership coaches and workshop leaders.

Departments, please contact Anna Tsai if you would like to add your facilitation opportunities to this page!

Current Opportunities

Intergroup Dialogue Course Facilitator

Each semester, training is offered to student affairs staff, graduate students, and community members interested in implementing EPSY 203 Dialogue on Social Issues courses at Illinois. These second-half semester classes invite students to develop awareness and skills associated with improving intergroup relations in organizations and communities through intergroup dialogue. Graduate students, Illinois staff, and members of the Urbana-Champaign community are invited to learn more about this training, or about becoming an EPSY 203 intergroup dialogue course co-facilitator. To learn more, contact Joe Minarik.

Office for Student Conflict Resolution (OSCR) Advocate Training

The Office for Student Conflict Resolution regularly seeks to recruit academic professionals who want to be trained to serve as advocates for respondents in student conduct cases involving sexual misconduct.

As a trained advocate, you would be on a list made available by the university to assist with any of the following for respondents:

  1. Informing the respondent about the university student disciplinary system, how it operates, and the role that the respondent, the complainant, and advisors play in the process
  2. Accompanying the respondent to meetings with staff in the Office for Student Conflict Resolution and the Office of the Dean of Students
  3. Acting as the respondent’s advisor in any disciplinary proceeding

More about the Student Disciplinary Procedures for incidents involving sexual misconduct can be found in Appendix D (http://www.conflictresolution.illinois.edu/student_discipline/appendix_d.asp)

If you are interested in applying or have any questions, please feel free to contact Justin Brown (justbrow@illinois.edu) or Danielle Morrison (daniemor@illinois.edu) with the Office for Student Conflict Resolution.