Barbara Seaquist Williams Leadership Awards

About This Award

This award was established by John F. Williams in honor of his late wife, Barbara Seaquist Williams, the former treasurer of the U.S. Tennis Association and a very active volunteer as an Illinois student in the late 1940s. A 1949 graduate of the University, Barbara was truly dedicated to volunteerism and the effects and rewards it provided to the University and the community. She served as a volunteer for many programs and events while maintaining a commitment to a number of student organizations.

Two awards recognize female juniors who have demonstrated outstanding leadership while maintaining a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 (A = 4.0).The successful nominee has made a significant positive impact on the quality of University programs, services and/or activities. This nominee has also shown creativity and community awareness in her work.

The recognition includes a monetary award.

Nominators, please address the following in your nomination:

  1. Describe in detail how the nominee has made a significant impact on the quality of campus and/or community life.
  2. Describe how the nominee's contributions to campus and/or community life demonstrates exceptional leadership.
  3. Describe the nominee's volunteer activities and discuss how she has created community awareness in programs, community services and/or activities.