Student Sustainability Committee

This committee reviews and recommends projects to be funded from two student fees, the $12-per-semester Sustainable Campus Environment fee and the $2-per-semester Cleaner Energy Technologies fee.

The committee's purposes are to: (a) explore options for the use of the student fees for sustainability and alternative energy generation, (b) organize a request for proposals (RFP) process each semester to solict projects from across campus; (c) evaluate the feasibility of projects being discussed with the professional assistance of faculty and Facilities and Services staff; (d) assist and track approved projects through the implementation stage; (e) work with the Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment, other campus units and student groups to promote sustainability efforts on campus.

Recommendations of the committee are forwarded to the Director of the Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment as well as the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs for approval.


12 Student members (no more than four graduate/professional students)
6 Ex officio faculty advisors
4 Ex officio staff advisors

Time Commitment

Members are expected to attend full committee meetings and at least one Working Group or Subcommittee meeting. Full committee, Working Group, and Subcommittee meetings are 1 hour each. Full committee meetings and Working Group or Subcommittee meetings occur on alternating weeks. This means that there is 1 hour of work per week.  Additionally, there is an estimated 8 hours  each month for reading proposals and following up with applicants. Due to the need to expedite the proposal process, consistent attendance and thoughtful review of applications is essential. 

Term Limit

Student committee members will be appointed for one academic year, and will have to go through the committee selection process thereafter to serve on the committee again.  Faculty and staff ex officio members are appointed by the Director of the Institute for Sustainability, Energy and Environment and serve a one-year term. Faculty members are selected by the committee in conjunction with the Institute for Sustainability, Energy and Environment.