Counseling Center Advisory Committee

The Committee participates in the ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the services of the Center by: examining and appraising any plan to expand services and programs; participating in needs assessment efforts and other research done by the Center to determine effectiveness of present programs and services and the development of new ones; and assisting in the selection of all new professional staff by serving on consultative committees.

The committee also serves to affect an increase in student awareness of the programs, services, and activities of the Center by monitoring the Center’s publicity about its offerings. Additionally, the committee reviews, comments, and assists in the presentation of the budget to the Service Free Advisory Committee.


8 student members
7 faculty/staff members
2 ex officio members (Director; Associate Director of the Counseling Center)

Time Commitment

The committee usually meets one Friday of each month at noon for approximately 1 hour at each occasion (please note how this fits your schedule as you select this committee). Whenever possible, the meeting is on the second Friday at noon, but an alternative Friday is occasionally picked to account for holidays, conferences, etc. There are also some voluntary time commitments for individuals: recording the minutes (rotates among the members); serving as chairperson or co-chairperson; participating in projects; and serving on subcommittees (Publicity, Consultative, Research, Insurance Benefits, and Consultative/Search).