Student Affairs Wellness Committee

The Student Affairs Wellness Committee is comprised of representatives from Student Affairs’ departments and shall have at least one representative from each department sitting on the committee at all times. The key departments include, Campus Recreation, McKinley Health Center, the Counseling Center, the Career Center, OIIR, ODOS, Student Success and Engagement and Housing.  In addition to a member from each of the key departments in an effort to ensure appropriate interface, there will be a representative from the student body and from human resources; an undergraduate student, a graduate student, and a representative from Campus Wellbeing Services.   Additional units and members will be added at a later time as the Committee develop a strong structure to support the campus.


Integrating, evaluating, assessing, cross promoting, and supporting programs that foster the wellbeing of the campus community.


The purpose of the Student Affairs Wellness Committee is to:

  • Plan, implement, and evaluate specific student wellness programs and initiatives
  • Review current campus offerings to ensure appropriate use of resources
  • Align offerings with mission, vision, core values, division priorities, and unique needs of Illinois students
  • Continue to review Student Affairs wellness services and develop fiscally minded innovative approaches to meeting student wellness needs
  • Explore means of aligning Illinois Student Affairs student wellbeing services with NASPA/ ACHA/ NIRSA position statements
  • Seek to strengthen the sense of community and purpose within Student Affairs related to student wellbeing

Responsibilities and Tasks

  • Conduct a SWOC (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Challenges) analysis of current campus wellbeing climate
  • Work with rockwire to integrate wellbeing into the application
  • Supervise and support the Turner Fellows Healthy Campus 2020/ 2030 Day
  • Promote and support programs that foster the wellness of the campus community.
  • Identify current resources, strengths, and accomplishments to address the most pressing wellbeing challenges among college students
  • Facilitate the integrated use of the unified wellness model, definitions, and action items created by the Wellness Task Force
  • Prepare a comprehensive communication plan to promote wellness branding and resources to students
  • Work to synchronize wellbeing service efforts on campus
  • Assist with various wellness projects as needed.


Oversight of the Wellness Committee will fall under the Associate Vice Chancellor for Auxiliary, Health and Wellbeing. 


Alana Harris, Campus Recreation and Deidre Weathersby, Counseling Center

Appointment and Term Limit

In collaboration with the two co-chairs and the AVC AHW, each Student Affairs department head will identify and appoint a committee representative.  Committee members will serve for a initial one year term, renewable twice, following an annual review of membership by the two co-chairs and AVC AHW.  It is expected that key members will rotate on and/or off the committee after serving three years.


Interest in participation on the Student Affairs Wellness Committee will be gauged each year through an interest survey sent out by Student Affairs central office. Interested employees must agree to the Student Affairs Wellness Committee membership requirements in order to be considered for a Committee member position.

Membership includes:

  • Campus Recreation
  • McKinley
  • Counseling Center
  • Career Services
  • Housing
  • OIIR
  • Student Success and Engagement
  • ODOS
  • Faculty/Staff Wellness Group
  • Students (Turner Fellows, Counseling, Campus Rec, McKinley’s Special Pops, etc.)

Meeting Minutes