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Student Affairs Digest guidelines and policies

Student Affairs DigestStudent Affairs Digest is a general-interest newsletter emailed every Sunday to professional staff members working in Student Affairs at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Parameters to submit

Who can submit

  • Any professional staff member working in Student Affairs may submit a post.
  • Posts must be official announcements of general interest to professional staff working in Student Affairs (student-centric news/events are not permitted). These items may include events, notices, policies, opportunities, shout outs, and more.

What can be submitted

  • Submissions to the following categories:

    • Updates (general news)
    • Events (happenings)
    • Programs (courses/workshop/development opportunities)
    • Shout outs! (kudos for a job well done)
    • Did you know? (points of interest or pride) 
  • ALL professional staff must be able to attend/take part in a given event/opportunity.
  • Not Allowed
    • NO student-specific programs/events (only open to students)
    • NO political campaigning
    • NO direct charitable fundraising
    • NO surveying (unless approved by the director of Assessment and Planning)
    • NO specific targeting emails
    • NO ongoing scheduled athletic events
    • General community events

How to submit

Submissions may be made via Webtools (in More > Bulletins).

Submission deadline

Thursdays by NOON

Weekly maximum submissions

There will be up to 10 listings each week, if your listing misses the cut for one week, it will be moved to the next issue (as long as it is still relevant).

Editorial schedule (day of the week; break periods)

  • Sent on Sunday mornings
  • Weekly (year-round)
  • Will not operate during break periods

Contact Student Affairs Digest editors with questions or comments about the submission process or this policy.