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iNews guidelines and policies

Items must be open to the general undergraduate student population – no college specific items, no RSO specific items. These items may include on-campus large events, notices, policies, opportunities, etc. for the undergraduate population.

  • Parameters to submit
    • Who can submit
      • Any UIUC department/unit
      • Message has to have a focus on undergraduate students
    • What can be submitted
      • On campus events, programs, information that has an interest to undergraduate students
      • ALL undergraduate students must be able to attend/take part
    • Not Allowed
      • NO college-specific programs/events (only open to students of certain majors)
      • NO political campaigning
      • NO direct charitable fundraising
      • NO specific job solicitation
      • NO surveying
      • NO specific targeting emails
      • NO new course announcements
      • NO ongoing scheduled athletic events
      • NO RSO specific events/meetings
      • General community events
  • *RSO events: due to the overwhelming amount of RSO events that happen, there will be a static link on all newsletters that goes directly to the UofIConnections event site – where all RSO groups can post their events.
  • Submission Deadline: Thursdays by NOON
  • How to Submit: Submissions may be made via Webtools (in More > Bulletins).
  • Weekly maximum submissions: there will be up to 10 listings each week, if your listing misses the cut for one week, it will be moved to the next issue (as long as it is still relevant)
  • Editorial Schedule (day of the week; break periods)
    • Sent on Sunday mornings
    • Weekly (Sept-May)
    • Will not operate during Break Periods