Engagement Sustainability Working Advisory Team

Mission Statement / Committee Charge

The Engagement SWATeam (iCAP team) is charged with addressing how best to communicate and elevate campus awareness of Illinois Climate Action Plan objectives and sustainability best practices. The team is composed of faculty members, staff, and students who work collaboratively to support and recommend specific actions in support of the iCAP objectives with a particular focus on outreach of campus and potentially community opportunities. Team members aim to communicate and enhance an evolving culture of sustainability and work to promote programs, outreach events, and involvement opportunities. The goal is that every individual on campus is aware of the sustainability initiatives and our commitment to being as environmentally conscious as possible. The Engagement team seeks to develop potential actions, policies, and project recommendations to improve our campuswide reach and knowledge base.


  • 4 faculty members
  • 4 staff
  • 4 students

Time Commitment

  • 1 hour meeting 1 or 2x/month
  • Research in preparation and follow-up for meetings

Term Limit

1 year

Chair Contacts

Faculty co-chairs

Student clerk


Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment (iSEE)