Student Cultural Programming Fee Committee (SCPF)

Mission Statement

The Student Cultural Programming Fee (SCPF) offers financial and educational support for culturally significant programming and initiatives coordinated by students, faculty, and staff on campus. The purpose of SCPF is to advance cultural awareness and social justice education, and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout campus. Events must be free to the entire campus.

Committee Charge

  • Attend each allocation meeting and actively participate in the allocation decision-making process during the academic year.
  • To select, train, and advise the Student Advisory Board.
  • Provide oversight for the operations of the Student Cultural Programming Fee, including management of timelines associated with advisory board selection, SCPF deadlines, and allocation meeting schedules; the development and implementation of fall information sessions; SCPF funding approval; and the facilitation of SCPF appeals.
  • Maintain responsibility for procedures affiliated with applicant expenditures, including funding disbursement, reconciliation, and final report completion.


  • 3 staff advisors
  • 10 student members

Time Commitment

Approximately 5 hours/month

Term Limit

Students serve for one academic year. Staff advisors commit to a minimum three year term to ensure continuity in services.

Chair Contact

Shawna Patterson-Stephens


Student Affairs/OIIR