MTD Service Advisory Committee

Mission Statement

The MTD Service Advisory Committee advises and makes recommendations to the administration on current and future MTD services and agreements.

Committee Charge

The MTD Service Advisory Committee exists to advise and make recommendations to the University administration on current and future services and agreements, with the ultimate goal of ensuring the long-term health and effectiveness of the MTD services provided to the University. The Committee will discuss safety, bus routes, ridership, services and related costs, continuing and additional needs for service, and other mass transportation issues that may arise. The Committee will also serve as a resource to the University during future contract negotiations with MTD.


  • Four (4) Undergraduate Students; appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs or designee (VCSA)
  • Two (2) Graduate Students; appointed by the VCSA
  • Two (2) Students; nominated by the Illinois Student Government
  • Two (2) Faculty members; appointed by the VCSA
  • Two (2) Staff members; appointed by the VCSA
  • The Transportation Representative of the Illinois Student Government;
  • One (1) staff member from Facilities & Services; nominated by the director of Facilities & Services
  • Three (3) MTD staff representatives, ex-officio;
  • The Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Auxiliary, Health & Wellbeing (AVC), ex-officio;
  • Additional appointments at the discretion of the AVC.

Time Commitment

First Thursday of each month at 4 pm in the fall and spring semesters.

Term Limit


Chair Contact

Lowa Mwilambwe


Student Affairs