The Illinois Experience Fund

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Eye-openingInspiring. TransformativeCommunity Building.

The Illinois Experience Fund supports student-driven initiatives that create a shared experience around inclusion, service, civic, engagement, spirit, relationship-building, and leadership. Grants are available for programs and initiatives that bring students together through meaningful experiences that are transformative and impactful. The purpose of the fund is to establish connection and community among students that promote integrity, inclusion, service, education and learning, teamwork, and innovation.

This fund was established through the generous support of John Graf (’81) and many other Illinois alumni who believe that the Illinois Experience is unique for each student, and through collaboration and mentoring, Student Affairs can empower students to bring their ideas to life through the resources provided by the Illinois Experience Fund.

“Our rapidly growing and changing world will require more and more individuals with the confidence and skills to tackle both the opportunities and problems they will encounter in all walks of life. The Illinois Experience Fund is a perfect way to directly support the organizations and activities that will give students the chance to develop those skills and succeed not just for themselves, but for the communities and organizations they will someday lead.” - John Graf (’81)

Illinois Experience Grants of up to $6,000 will be available for Spring 2020. All proposals must be co-sponsored by a Student Affairs unit.

Application Deadline for Spring 2020 grants: December 9, 2019

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