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strategic planning 2014

A PDF of the new Strategic Plan will be posted soon.

Student Affairs strives to provide the best experiences possible for the students we serve. Our strategic planning process will help focus our efforts and initiatives. For our staff and students, engaging in the strategic planning process is an opportunity to reflect on what we do well, what we need to improve, and what the future direction of Student Affairs should be. 

Student Affairs Strategic Planning Model

The goal of the Student Affairs strategic planning model is to outline an inclusive strategic planning process that supports the campus strategic plan and guides a future for Student Affairs at the University of Illinois. This model is based on the Bryson Model and is modified to facilitate a rapid process that allows for input at all levels of the division. Download a PDF of the complete strategic planning framework.

Key Components:

  • Campus Strategic Plan: The adoption of the Campus Strategic Plan as the foundation for the Student Affairs Strategic Plan
  • Staff and Student Inventory: An inventory of existing resources (mission, vision, areas of distinction, guiding principles, goals, metrics, current initiatives), opportunities, needs, and environmental trends.
  • Data Analysis: The aggregation of data into a presentable format for review.
  • Collaborative Evaluation: A review of data, trends, and Student Affairs goals and initiatives for the purpose of developing metrics.
  • Student Affairs Strategic Plan: The completion of the final draft of the Student Affairs Strategic Plan, including the communication of the plan throughout the division.
  • Unit-Specific Plans: The development of plans that are specific to each unit.


The steering committee has set an ambitious goal of completing the strategic plan during spring semester 2014. 

Three components of the plan are complete:

Student Affairs at Illinois fulfills the mission of the University of Illinois by engaging students in programs and services that create transformative learning experiences, foster success, and prepare the leaders of tomorrow in a diverse and global society.
Student Affairs at Illinois will be the global leader in transforming student lives. 
• Diversity
• Leadership and Citizenship
• Collaboration
• Shared Governance with Students
• The Holistic Student Learning Experience
• Stewardship and Accountability
• Innovation and Excellence
• Honesty and Integrity
• Wellness

Steering Committee:

Ed Slazinik, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs - chair
Regina Harrington, McKinley Health Center
Bryan Johnson, University Housing
Gina Lee-Olukoya, Office of the Dean of Students
Robert Palinkas, McKinley Health Center
Renee Romano, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Gail Rooney, Career Center
Kirsten Ruby, University Housing
Jamie Singson, Native American House