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reporting lines

(left to right: Ed Slazinik, Renée Romano, Gigi Secuban, Ken Ballom)  

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C. Renée Romano - Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs 


Kenneth T. Ballom - Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students

Office of the Dean of Students


The Career Center - Gail Rooney, Director

Counseling Center - Carla J. McCowan, Director 

Alcohol & Other Drug Office 

Minority Student Affairs - Wallace Southerland, Director 

Student Conflict Resolution - Brian Farber, Director 

Illinois Leadership Center - Gayle Spencer


Edward M. SlazinikAssociate Vice Chancellor and Director, Auxiliary Services 

Campus Recreation Robyn Deterding, Director 

Illini Union Lowa Mwilambwe, Director 

McKinley Health Center - Robert D. Palinkas, Director  

State Farm Center Kevin E. Ullestad, Director

University Housing - Alma Sealine, Director 

Dining & Catering 

Student Affairs Marketing and Communications - Kathy Reiser, Coordinator



Shane Carlin - Assistant Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs Advancement


Anna Tsai - Assistant to the Vice Chancellor