Patricia E. Askew Leadership Award

About This Award

Patricia E. Askew came to the University in 1988 and served as Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs for the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from 1994 until her retirement in August 2005. Among her other passions, she was recognized for her commitment in addressing alcohol, other drug, and traffic safety problem prevention efforts. A strong champion of student leadership development, Mrs. Askew spearheaded the development of Illinois Leadership™, a multi-faceted leadership development program.

One award is presented to an undergraduate student who has demonstrated exceptional leadership on campus and who has been instrumental in creating or enhancing a registered student organization.

This recognition includes a monetary award.

This award is for any undergraduate student.

Nominator, please address the following in your nomination: 

  1. Describe in detail how the nominee has made a significant impact on the quality of campus and/or community life.
  2. Describe how the nominee's contributions to campus and/or community life demonstrates exceptional leadership.