Moms Association Humanitarian Award

About This Award

Founded in 1923, the Moms Association works to promote a stronger relationship between the University and the citizens of Illinois, and is one of the nation’s longest-serving parent organizations. Every Mother or Mother Figure in a University of Illinois student’s life, including Aunts, Grandmothers, etc. are considered members of the Moms Association at the University of Illinois. The Moms Association supports programs, services and activities that promote the health, safety and well-being of the University community and serves as a parent liaison to the campus.

Two awards are presented: one to an undergraduate and one to a graduate/professional student. A successful nominee has performed outstanding and innovative service within the local community.

Each award includes a $500 award for the recipient and a $500 grant to an organization of the recipient's choice.


Nominators, please address the following in your nomination:

  1. What specific need has the nominee addressed in the community?
  2. What innovative approach has the nominee used to address this need in the community?
  3. Which community service organization should receive a monetary award of $500, and how should it be used?