Check out the new Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) framework (August, 2013)

Dear Colleagues,


Most of us got into Student Affairs work because we get a great sense of satisfaction from helping students grow and develop into adults who will make their mark on society.


From time to time, though, we may wonder: How do I know my programs are as effective as they can be? What could we be doing even better? At the Fall Kick-off, Dr. Belinda De La Rosa spoke about the new Student Affairs Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) Framework.  


The Assessment Committee has developed the SLO framework in an ongoing effort to use assessment data to improve services provided to students. I urge you to download a copy (below) and keep it handy for ready reference. 


The framework is a touchstone that provides examples that all units can use to craft unit-specific outcomes that will inform the work in the division.

See your Assessment Committee representative if you have questions, or visit with one of the co-chairs, Dr. Belinda De La Rosa or Dr. Wallace Southerland, III.


C. Renée Romano

Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs