Student Organization Resource Fee Board (SORF)

Established in 1978 to support Registered Student Organizations’ programs and activities, the Student Organization Resource Fee (SORF) Board makes recommendations on allocations of the SORF fee, a $5.50-per-semester non-refundable fee collected from each University of Illinois student. The fee money is available for allocation to Registered Student Organizations that apply for funding through SORF.

The SORF Board is comprised of elected students and appointed staff, and is responsible for allocating the SORF fees to Registered Student Organizations through an application process. The SORF Board proposes its funding recommendations to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (Chancellor’s designee) for final approval.

The majority of the SORF Board’s time is spent reviewing and making recommendations on applications for funding from Registered Student Organizations for programs and organizational expenses. Administrative support is provided by the Illini Union.


8 elected student members, at least 2 of whom must have graduate/professional status
3 appointed faculty/staff members
2 ex officio members (SORF Program Advisor or designee, OBFS Representative or designee) 

The students are elected to one-year terms during the spring campus election. The faculty/staff are appointed to three-year terms by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.

Time Commitment

The SORF Board meets five times during each semester to process applications and make recommendations on allocations of the SORF fee.  Meetings take place every third Thursday during the academic year and may last 3-6 hours in order to process applications submitted for a particular funding period. The Board may also call other meetings as deemed necessary. Training meetings are held every fall and as needed in the spring. Due to the nature of this position and the need for consistency in the funding process, members (including faculty/staff representatives) who incur 3 absences within the year may be removed from the Board.

Term Limit 

Student Board members will be elected for one academic year, and will have to go through the student election process thereafter to serve on the SORF Board again.