Student Leadership Awards Selection Committee

This committee’s purpose is to select recipients for the various annual student leadership awards, including the Excellence in Leadership Awards, the Barbara Seaquist Williams Awards, the Irene Pierson Award, the Joseph Smith Award, and the Joshua Grafton Awards. This committee also assists with the Jean Hill Award and the Mothers Association Humanitarian Service Awards.


8 student members
12 staff members
1 ex officio member (Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs)

Time Commitment

This is a spring time commitment. There is an initial meeting in December to discuss the process, and then committee members are asked to publicize the nomination and selection process within their organizations. After the conclusion of the nomination period, committee members meet to review nominations, select the recipients based upon the selection criteria, and forward these names to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs for action. Committee members are invited to attend the recognition event for the awardees.

NOTE: Serving on the committee does not preclude students from being nominated as there are multiple award subcommittees within this committee.