State Farm Center Advisory Committee

The Committee advises the Director on policies relating to the purposes for which the facilities are to be used; types, balance and distribution of entertainment and sporting events and general policies for operation; any major changes in the physical plant of the State Farm Center; and public relations including complaints, proposals, suggestions, and opinions issuing from the campus community.


5 undergraduate student members
2 graduate/professional student members
2 members from the DIA Advisory Board
4 faculty/staff members
6 ex officio members (Director of the State Farm Center, 2 Star Course senior managers, the Star Course advisor, a Public Safety representative and a Public Affairs representative).

Appointments are for a maximum of two years, and not all positions will be available in cases where students are fulfilling their second year of term.

Time Commitment

The Advisory Committee meets on the last Thursday of the month at 4 p.m. Attendance at State Farm Center events is encouraged.

Term Limit

Faculty and Staff committee members will serve for a maximum of three consecutive years. Student committee members will be appointed for one academic year, and will have to go through the ISS committee selection process thereafter to serve on the committee again.