Public Safety Advisory Committee

The Public Safety Advisory Committee is established for the purpose of serving as an official advisory committee at the University of Illinois.

The mission of the PSAC is to assure that the Division of Public Safety remains responsive to the needs of the campus and local communities, and to provide the University administration and the Executive Director of Public Safety with regular input on issues surrounding crime and community relations, law enforcement, public safety, and emergency preparedness. The role of the PSAC is advisory and consulting, and should enhance the University of Illinois’ Public Safety Division’s community-oriented public safety philosophy.

Typical functions of the PSAC include, but are not limited to:

  • Receive comments and suggestions from the public at large.
  • Facilitate communications between relevant parties, especially the Division of Public Safety, the campus, and local communities.
  • Offer advice relevant to crime and community relations, fear abatement, law enforcement, public safety, and emergency preparedness.
  • Actively support measures that enhance the foundation of safety, security, quality of campus life, and an inclusive environment on which the University is built.
  • Empower the public in the spirit of community-oriented public safety to assist the Division of Public Safety in their endeavor to better serve and protect the campus community.


8 undergraduate student members
2 graduate student member
27 faculty/staff/community members
5 ex officio members

Term Limit

Student committee members will be appointed to a one-year term, and will have to reapply through the ISS committee selection process thereafter to serve a second year.


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