Parking Advisory Committee (PAC)

The committee will assist in formulating new approaches to existing problems and distributing information to the University faculty, staff, and students.

The charges of the committee are as follows:
• Serve as a liaison between their constituent groups and the Parking Department staff and administration.
• Inform the faculty, staff, and students of new programs and create awareness of changes in policies and procedures enacted by the Parking Department.
• Review and evaluate programs, services, and policies of the Parking Department.
• Provide an avenue for customer suggestions and complaints concerning the Parking Department. Offer recommendations for new services or modifications of existing services.
• Provide input on the formulation and development of policies and procedures for the operation and management of the Parking Department.


4 undergraduate student members
12 faculty/staff/community members
5 ex-officio members

Time Commitment

The committee meets 1-2 times per semester for up to 2 hours.