LGBT Resource Center Advisory Committee

The purpose of the LGBT Resource Center Advisory Committee is to review, evaluate, and make recommendations regarding the policies, programs, resources and services of the LGBT Resource Center by serving the needs of students, staff, faculty and community members of diverse sexual orientation and gender identities. The committee works to ensure an environment where interdisciplinary learning acknowledges and recognizes people of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender experience.

The committee also provides advice and recommendations regarding resources related to the support for the office, including budget, personnel, and facilities. The committee should seek to enhance the goals of the LGBT Resource Center by supporting the educational, cultural, social and developmental needs of students, and of advancing cross-cultural awareness on campus and in the wider community.


6 student members 
5 faculty/staff members 
1 ex officio member (Director of the LGBT Resources Center)

Time Commitment

The committee will meet approximately monthly throughout the academic year.